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Almost all modern devices support eSIM.
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We went for vacation with the family to Greece islands, I bought the European package just in case, but I think that regional Greek eSIM would work good too. Highly recommend, very convinient and easy helper in your trips

Switzerland, Montreux

I firstly took 3 gb for my trip to London, and then bought another 5 gb. Comparing to my home operator, the prices are awesome, it’s cheaper to buy eSim rather than turn on the roaming. If you need just mobile data than it’s for you

France, Bordeaux

Got an excellent experience using e-sim at my long trip to China. I bought global package and it worked everywhere along my way.

Ukraine, Kyiv

Bought eSIM for UAE, in Dubai worked good!
Cheapest price I found for Emirates

USA, Chicago

Everything worked perfectly! Setup was easy but not immidiate as you got to wait for several minutes and after it works as regular sim. I bought 5 gb for Brazil and was satisfied with the purchase

Peru, Lima


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